Meditrina Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2003 by a group of Pharmacists and experienced professionals in the pharmaceutical market.

In 2010 Meditrina Pharmaceuticals becomes part of Synapsis group of companies, a pharmaceutical group in Southern Eastern Europe with presence in Greece (Meditrina Pharmaceuticals Ltd), Cyprus (Synapsis Ltd), Romania (Solartium Group Srl), Bulgaria (Synapsis Bulgaria Ltd) and Moldova (Solartium Pharma Srl).

Meditrina Pharmaceuticals has offices in Athens and Thessaloniki and 31 employees. There are 4 sales units, covering every major area in the country, with 23 sales reps and 4 unit managers.


Meditrina Pharmaceuticals, since 2003, is building a business model based on delivering outstanding goods and services to the health market. The philosophy behind the product mix derives from the deep knowledge of the medicines, the needs and the status of the pharmaceutical market in Greece and globally.

Investing also in research and development, since 2014, Meditrina Pharmaceuticals has a diverse portfolio of proprietary products capable of maintaining a sustainable business model in a very economically difficult environment with growing competition.